The Estate

In nature’s respect

Integrated agriculture with less environmental impact

The Zuccarello Estate lies on 300 hectares of land completely fenced, where corn, wheat, barley and soya beans grow, the tipical agriculture of the plain of the river Po.

Between 1925 and 1928, the marshes of Zuccarello were reclaimed, creating the present property which stretches, in one single block of land, between two rivers, the lower part of the Zero and the Dese, both flowing into the Venetian Lagoon.

Many small woods, with local species of trees which contribute to the charm of the reclaimed land, exist on the Estate and together with the extended uncultivated grass lands still offer an important conservation site for herons, pheasants and hares.

Cultivation is carried out following the principles of integrated agriculture with less environmental impact. Great attention has been paid to renewable energy, with the aim of producing clean power without introducing substances which contribute to pollution or climate change. Solar panels have been installed above the roofs of the stables, which are no longer used, to transform solar energy into electric power.